The 2004 U.S. Election

2004 was the year the much criticized president George W Bush was
rallying for a second term. The world held its breath as well as the

American people. Was Bush’s actions against Iraq going to blow up in his
face or not? The questions were as many as the people hoping for a

I took the opportunity to follow the opposition, the Democratic Party.
John Kerry along with John Edwards were the ones challenging Mr.
Bush. It was in Lincoln, Nebraska, I met some Democrats. Nebraska is
otherwise one of the Republican states but in Lincoln there’s a stronger
foothold for the Democrats. When John Kerry was rallying in Sioux City,
Iowa, I accompanied the Democratic bus to hear what he had to say. I
also visited one of the voting locations in Lincoln and met the people
fighting for their beliefs. On election night I followed the development
with the Democrats in Lincoln. Mr Bush got the support he wanted